Helping Hand Foundation

The idea for The Helping Hand Foundation started in May 2019, after Joseph Lopez aka JAY, released his EP, titled Helping Hand.

“I really just wanted to spread a good message through the music, and reach out to the broken and lost. To give a helping hand…” says JAY. After a few missionary trips to the mountains of La Huazteca, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, JAY, and his family wanted to take their passions to another level. “Living that experience made a great impact on my life. To create a much bigger and better way to give back to those who have little to nothing, whether it is on the streets of Mexico or in the mountains, or in our town or in other corners of the world…” says Eddy Lopez, Joseph’s father. 

Joseph, his father, his mother Ana, and his two sisters, are Ohio natives. Eddy and Ana came to the United States shortly after getting married. “As a family, we’ve always had a passion to help  people in need. And I’m so happy God is opening up this door for us to be able to serve and provide for the ones in need,” says Ana.

From left: Eddy Lopez, Betel Lopez, Jay Lopez, Isbel Lopez, and Ana Lopez.